Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.


Welcome to The Inspo Life. Consider it your new method of living by your own design. It will inspire you to kick ass - your way. Help you mine your motivation when you need it most. Show you how to stay positive through adversity and challenge. Teach you how to find the courage within, even when when you think it’s impossible. And, most importantly, remind you to show love in everything you do and say.

Well hello there, beautiful!


Hi! I’m Krissi Thomas and I started The Inspo Life for one reason - to inspire. For 25 years I’ve been developing brands, managing content, crafting stories, coaching teams and kicking ass!

My zest for life comes through in my smile and positive attitude, which I always bring to the table - even when shit gets hard!

While I'm not a certified coach, doctor or psychologist, I am a level-headed woman who's been through many experiences that have shaped the way I tackle this thing called life. From a young age I learned what it meant to work hard to reach your goals. I was a competitive gymnast starting at age 8 and anyone who knows that sport, or any sport requiring 5-6 days of training per week, 4-5 hours a day, will understand that's where mental toughness and perseverance comes from. There's no time to complain. No time for being a wuss and definitely no excuses. If you want to win the game of YOUR life, you have to PLAY and have fun while doing it!

Life's too short - let's do this, people!  Are you in #InspoLifePeeps?

Let’s hang out!

Give me a shout! I'd be glad to chat if you’re in search of finding inspiration in your life! Or hey - maybe you just need a pep talk. That's cool, too! #TheInspoLife is here to help. 

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I’m not into spam because that would just be rude! Your info is totally safe with me. Pinky swear.


You can find me @krissithomas :) I like to use this platform to share inspiration and ideas. It’s how I roll through life and what you see and read is the real me. I don’t post to pose. I don’t post to be someone I’m not. My goal is always to leave the reader with a dash of #inspo to take with them through the day. If I can do that for one person - it makes me smile and that’s the greatest gift of all. #TheInspoLife

Smile, dig in and have fun! It’s that simple.